3BO friends and family roll-out due

Early on, the decision to integrate with Whatsapp was made as it has a 96+% internet user share in the South African market., and used by +2 billion people globally

This approach lowers the learning curve for users as it’s a familiar interface. Our “always-on” feature-set detects movement, instantly informs the owner, and offers escalateable live tracking functionality. Escalation to first responders is integrated with Listener software, for those future clients who need an instant outsourced retrieval service.

Our small, easy-to-install unit remains charged and on-guard for up to 10 days, and retains enough energy to be tracked for more than 10 hours in full flight mode.

Our custom 3D printed secure on-bike mount is small, easy to install, and difficult to remove. We also offer the possibility of riders creating their own personalised mountings.